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Our Team.

We are pleased to inform you about the teachers who will be accompanying your children in the
Uk Tour 2023. Our teaching team has been carefully selected
to ensure the safety, learning, and well-being of all students during
this unique experience.
The professors who will be part of this exciting journey:
Ms. Loreto Larenas: Head of Middle School
Mr. Cesar Elgueta: Teacher  of the Department of English
Mr. Cristián Rodríguez: Homeroom Teacher of 8thA, and Math.

Ms. Alejandra Krause: Inspectorate Middle 7th and 8th
These professionals will be available at all times to provide support, supervision and guidance to their children during the trip. His extensive academic knowledge, experience and dedication to education ensure that this experience is enriching, safe and memorable for everyone.
We appreciate your trust in our team and we hope to enjoy an unforgettable educational experience with your children.


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